Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a PMS number?

In short, a  PMS number corresponds to a specific color and is a specific number, e.g. 183 C.

PMS stands for Pantone Matching System and is a standardized color matching system. To find a Pantone number, you can visit Pantone’s website.

I’m new to ordering. How can I get a quote?

You can first visit our Getting Started page, which covers the basics of ordering. If you need additional information or clarifications, the fastest way to get in touch with us is by phone. Our contact information can be found here.

What is the minimum quantity I can order?

It depends on the item being ordered. You can contact us  so that we can work with you regarding the quantity of your order.

What are the lead times?

The lead time depends on the order.

What payment methods do you accept?

For new customers we only accept payment by credit card. We take a 50% deposit when the order is placed, and we charge the balance when the order has shipped. For any questions or concerns, send us an email.

Where do you ship?

We ship both domestic and international.

Can you do rush/expedited orders?

Yes, we do our best to accommodate all rush or expedited orders.

I’d like to order ______, but it’s not a product you offer. What can I do?

Give us a call! We’ll do our best to help you with your order. Our contact information can be found here.